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page36-tamarin-2Female cancer is different than cancer that affects females. It is cancer of the female organs and/or breasts and not only challenges life, but a woman’s sense of identity. BRCA patients face a high risk of female cancer and often face multiple challenges simultaneously. CALIEB’s mission is to provide knowledge and encouragement, and to ensure women understand their options in decision making.

Often new discoveries take years to reach the general population. Many physicians are not aware of the newest advances; this is especially true in the evolution of advanced mastectomy techniques. This site is intended to provide you with information that will assist you in choosing the options best for you.



Tamarin Lindenberg’s new book, Female Cancer: The Vital Role of Self Perceived Beauty in the Healing Process, A Study in Breast Reconstruction, reports the findings of a national study. This study presents the female voice in an exploration of breast reconstruction and the actual, as well as projected, impact an optimal visual outcome has on body confidence, sexuality and the ability to move forward, post surgically. A mixed population was a key component of the study design. Woven throughout are the intimate thoughts of women, produced by formal interviews and informal polls, offering a daring revelation of the critical role self perceived beauty plays in the life of a woman.



Click here to listen to Tamarin Lindenberg’s recent interview with Joyce Dolberg Rowe, hosting The Door Is Open – Walk Right In on Dreamvisions 7 Radio on August 18, 2013.




In Appreciation
CALIEB honors the work of Dr. Patrick Maxwell and all he has accomplished in his role as advocate, innovator, surgeon, healer, artist, and friend. He is recognized as one of the greatest healers of our time.









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