Patient Staging Perspective

Just thought this was interesting….so I think I’ll take Stage II-N

“Taken together, these data demonstrate the necessity for
stratifying patients within current FIGO Stage IIIC disease
when comparing outcomes, or the addition of further subgroup
within Stages I and II disease (possibly I-N or II-N in cases with
positive lymph nodes).”

I really do appreciate the article, and it does seem like there is a place for early stage to have some microscopic lymph node involvement….maybe there will be some things that come out of all of this that can help others….I know you know this is hard for me, but I truly believe that I am going to do well, get over this and move on with my healthy life….and I want to make a difference along the way…

Here is how I figure my shot:

Overall Stage IIN survival rate 70%
Really strong constitution 10%
Lots of love and prayers 20%
Faith in my God 100%

So the way my math works, I have a bit of life and love I can afford to share……


Digging for Info

Dr. Ramirez,

I would like to know more about the study that you discussed which showed a much better prognosis for patients with my type of disease presentation. Could you please send me a link to the study or tell me where and when it was conducted? Also, I am not sure what my next steps are in terms of timing, so if you could let me know when I should be in Houston, I would appreciate it.

Again, I appreciate all you are doing. Your surgical skills are amazing as evidenced by the fact I was out passing a football yesterday….uh, maybe I shouldn't mention that part….actually, I rested quietly, just exactly like you were expecting….…. :)


Thoughts before surgery

This was written to a close friend the hour before going under anesthesia for my hysterectomy and staging for ovarian cancer.

Poised on the edge of the ragged cliff,
That juts so dominantly against the arch of the sky,
Water so far below it looks like a mirage.
I wonder if it will be there when my hands reach to slice its surface.

Muscles fall in perfect form; old memories from long ago
Steady the strength in my legs.
I feel their power, ready for the demand that lies moments ahead
I know how they will burst forth to define the strength of my plunge.

My back straightens with the tension so needed to guide my core,
My heart leaps at the depth before me;
But, again, old memories remind me of the power
That lies ever present beyond my vision.

I know my God is true, He has never failed.
He knows the exact point of entry,
Where my body and the water become one;
And my being yields before my master, unafraid.

As I surge forward, slicing air first, I hear hoofs;
I know their sound; I know their wild beat like my own.
And I hear the stallion find the rhythm of my fall.
He runs in perfect time as gravity forces me to the water below.

I steady at the hand of the God above me,
And the wild nature of one who knows my ways.
And then I am there; the shock of water
So cold upon my fingers first; then I am under.

My body enters with ease, and my heart is at peace.
I see the underworld of obscure shades I know so well,
And the force of my plunge drives me deep.
My world is forever changed as I become a creature of the sea.

Then I find a new rhythm in my fight; and I reposition for the surface;
Forcing my lungs to hold, my arms to reach high,
The strength within me rages for the air I need,
For the place where new life unfolds.

Sunlight bursts through in my mind as I picture its rays
And I swim hard, upward, pulling against the water like a mountain climber against the rock.
I know the hoofs stopped when I went down so deep; and they wait, now,
To see my face break through, throwing bubbles of life to the sky.