I am excited about all that we will do together to bring women, and oncologists, to a new place of understanding…

Finding ways to communicate

We need to find significant ways of communicating with oncologists from a new angle… I work in healthcare, and interact with a variety of specialists all the time…. Let’s discuss ways to promote discussion… it is one thing to have a discussion, surgeon to oncologist, and maybe another for oncologists to hear from a woman who has made the decision to exercise every chance for prevention and is happy with the outcome… let’s explore….

God's Blessing

God has blessed me so much in this, by providing the very best surgeon, and giving me every chance to live….

Merry Christmas

I have thought so much about the tremendous treasure you are as a person, and as a physician. Your efforts have given me a starting over point in life that has been magical; in many ways you have authored hope. Thank you for every battle you fought to achieve all you have accomplished; many lives are different because of you.
As you embrace this holiday time with your family, know that there are those of us who count you among our greatest blessings. You will always be on the list of prayers in my life that were answered in ways beyond my greatest expectations.
Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Better than Before

There is a book written by a BRCA patient who had a PM titled “When Pretty Changes”…. We need one titled “ Better Than Before!!” ☺