You're my hero


You are the greatest. You fought through cancer and beat it. You kept active and never quit but just kept moving. You’re my roll model and my hero. I love you so much. Me and Sophie will never forget what you went through.

Love zach

Something I Forgot

Dear Mom,

I know we talked earlier tonight but I forgot to say something that I was too embarrassed or self consuious to say. I’m sorry that I brought up that I feel I’m doing most of the work. I know that is not at all true. Really I don’t even mind that much, just when zach gets really lazy and stuff. I was like a strong piece of glass but then I broke into tiny pieces and over the last month I’m trying to glue myself back together.


Surgery Again

Hey mom are things any better? I miss u and so does zach and cyrus.
My face is breaking out nothing will make it go away so I just hid the
worst part of it with my hair. Is it there because I'm almost 13?

*~Soph Soph~*

"A smile a day keeps your troubles away."

While mom was in surgery

Hey mom Cyrus is doing well the only bad thing is that the power is
out and I'm afraid all the food is gonna spoil. Besides that
everything is fine! Luv ya!!

*~Soph Soph~*

"A smile a day keeps your troubles away."



Fall sounds like the rustle of leaves trying to reach the ground.

I hear the amber and brightly colored leaves laughing

As they fall fall fall to the soft floor.

I hear the birds chirping as they are going to start their journeys.

I see the brightly colored smile when they land on the ground.

I see the trees are sad because they lost their leaves which were very dear to them.

I feel the rough, gentle leaves,

And then I smile.

They smile back.

I smell the warm fresh cinnamon air that is very calming.

I taste the delicious sweetness of this season.

When I take a step, I feel the breathing of the air.

The leaves look like burning fiery rows when they hit the ground.

Now it’s fall, so the trees wave their young goodbye.

Then the cycle starts over

and over