Restoration After Cancer

Many women recognize changes that occur after chemo that are never addressed or considered important in oncology. There is often an effect on the skin that has not been addressed, and, yet, leaves women feeling that what they have been through has left its mark. Often this is something physicians do not talk about, or help to resolve, and some women have even felt it somehow ‘wrong’ to care, when they have survived a disease when others die. It is perfectly normal, and, in fact, a key indicator of a woman’s need to move on, to want to look her best after a life changing event. That need to move forward is vital to healing and expresses a certain faith that life continues.

Comprehensive Restoration Program by Dr. Pat Maxwell

At Maxwell Aesthetics we realize the affect chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can have on the body. Many of our patients are breast cancer survivors and face reconstruction of their breasts after cancer; however, it has been our experience that a comprehensive plan for full restoration of the face and body has offered many women a way to move forward after such a life changing event. We deeply respect that, above all things, your health is the primary goal, and we also understand that many women are aided in the healing process by a rejuvenation plan that erases visual evidence of disease.

In our experience, we have found the face and neck are often affected by intense regiments in cancer treatment, leaving a ‘drawn’ look at the end of the protocol. This often affects a woman’s self esteem and overall sense of well being. Dr. Maxwell has perfected many techniques, both surgical and non-invasive, that restore vitality to these areas. Many of these procedures can be performed at the time of breast reconstruction allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a full ‘makeover.’

In addition, we have found that many women experience a loss of sub-dermal tissue in various areas of the body after chemotherapy. This results in reduced elasticity and contour deformities which can often be remedied during breast reconstruction procedures as well. Combining techniques often leaves a woman with a tighter abdomen, restored breasts and additional shaping of other areas adversely affected during cancer treatment. Our goal is for you to move forward into a life of health and vitality with no residual effects of the crisis you have endured.

In all things safety is our first goal, and all plans for restoration are created according to individual needs. We encourage optimal nutrition, supported by supplements, to support overall healing and restoration. We work in conjunction with your treating physician to ensure that you are physically prepared for surgical interventions, always keeping health as the primary goal. Our restoration plans are designed to be ‘multi-phase’ which removes any unnecessary stress from the body and allows Dr. Maxwell the opportunity to provide optimal intervention and support. The average restoration plan takes place over a one year period, and results in a complete make-over. At the end of this period, we find our patients claiming they feel they ‘have their life back’ and are ready to move on with a fresh outlook. We have found that many women use this as an opportunity to ‘re-invent’ themselves, reducing the tendency to look backwards wishing for ‘who they once were’. Most patients come through this experience claiming “ I look better than I did before cancer!” We realize that putting the challenge of cancer behind you is an important step in restoring faith in one’s health and future.

After your restoration is complete, we encourage patients to visit Dr. Maxwell annually, for the same reasons that complete physicals are necessary after cancer intervention. This allows us to monitor the body as it changes and adapts over time. This provides the opportunity to ensure that your initial reconstruction and restoration is supported by any additional fine tuning needed, often delivered through minor ‘in office’ procedures. This helps us to ensure maintenance of the overall results you have worked so hard to achieve. Our goal is for you to be the ‘you’ you envision as you celebrate life!