When the patient survey is completed, this page will provide patient level insight reflecting QOL, in several key categories, after undergoing Dr. Maxwell’s Bio-Engineered Breast reconstruction method. This page is a sample and temporary placeholder for the data that will be collected during this engagement.

Purpose of the Study:

1. Assess the distinctions in outcome when using The Maxwell technique
2. Provide results of a comprehensive patient survey, executed by HT to meet the following goals:
  • Gain candid insights into patient satisfaction in breast reconstruction when using the Bio-Engineered Breast method.
  • Improve understanding of patients emotional, physical and psychological adjustments to a mastectomy performed with The Maxwell Technique.
  • Future phases: Tap broader audiences including a cross mix of physician populations for the purpose of determining the level of knowledge and awareness of optimal techniques among these potential referral sources.
  • Findings from the wide range of participants in this interview mix will provide pertinent data to understand patient needs from a more comprehensive perspective, stimulate physician support and motivate the healthcare community at large to communicate the benefits of the Maxwell techniques and its efforts to raise visual standards in mastectomies