The name originates from an important Bible story. Caleb was sent in search of the Promised Land. Afraid of the giants they would have to overcome, all but one of the others who went with him refused to enter the land. When Caleb reported back what he had found, he said…

“I know the giants are big, but our God is bigger... Send me”

Same Spirit, Different Voice

Caleb's spirit of strength and faith, and his willingness to face the giants, expresses the heart of the CALIEB© journey. From the feminized spelling of Caleb to the candid discussions of reality, CALIEB provides a common identity for women facing tough decisions regarding female cancer. CALIEB is committed to supplying women, their partners, and their key influencers with the information, tools and support needed to empower them during their journey.

The CALIEB Story

Calieb is a story of the real battle for faith; the struggle to hold onto God despite circumstances that can shake belief. Calieb is designed to encourage the stories of many women, though it begins with the story of one woman whose greatest strength is her sincerity, not her lack of obstacles. Between the laughter and the tears, a woman’s struggle moves beyond her own survival to form a message of faith for all.

The Calieb story begins with a single mother, at the prime of her life with two children from Russia. While reaching the top of her career, this woman feels a foreboding sense that leads her to the doctor for what is expected to be a basic physical exam. Through a series of events so unusual that only God could be leading, she discovers she has a deadly cancer.

Using analytical skills honed through years of rebuilding broken businesses as a profession, she challenges the medical community both intellectually and spiritually. She challenges doctors to come to grips with their faith as she fights for her own. When her close friend, a physician, expresses consistent doubts about her future, she battles his scientific explorations with a fervent defense for God’s grace, and a simplicity that leaves him baffled. Bald and exhausted from chemo, she argues with this scientist against his inability to accept the unseen, and stands by the belief that carries her throughout the journey. Alone and worn, she stands in belief that all things will work together for good if she will keep her eyes on her God.

Bewildered and bruised in every area of her life, fighting for survival and facing even more life changing decisions to prevent further cancer, she goes out into the marketplace with a new crew cut, and an indomitable faith that God will provide. In a world that waters down a dependency on God, Calieb is a story that reflects a battle for faith that defies all visible sources of victory.

Diagnosed as a BRCA positive patient, she is told that most likely ovarian cancer will not recur given her genetic makeup. BUT, she will most likely face a new battle with breast cancer given her high risk status. As she proceeds to research every possible method for a cancer preventing surgery that will leave her whole and intact, she meets with unexpected opposition from the physicians trained to help her. Told she is vain in her attempts to preserve her beauty in a mastectomy she finds herself at the intersection of decisions faced only in this age of genetic testing..... she is told her genetic makeup makes breast cancer an almost inevitable future. Maintaining her sense of womanhood in a gamble for her life, or finding a way to raise the standard for herself and other women facing the same challenge, she fights back.

With her work and finances coming in only small spurts, she attempts to make decisions for the future with no real stability in sight. Again, an act of providence leads her to Dr. Pat Maxwell, the world’s top surgeon in breast reconstruction. He sees something he relates to in her fight. Together, they agree to create better tools to educate women about advanced techniques available in breast reconstruction so unnecessary negative outcomes can be avoided. He performs her surgery, removing her risk of breast cancer, and creating a visual outcome that preserves her femininity and body confidence in every way.

The friendship that forms between them builds upon a deep desire to help women avoid the heartache of disfigurement. CALIEB becomes an acronym for
Care And Love In Every Blessing as the struggles and successes are used to encourage others.

This is not a story of a perfect walk. Wrought with gut wrenching heartaches of loss and unexplainable moments of miracles, Calieb is a story of belief in the face of disaster. A reminder that the Christian walk is wracked with human frailties, but sustained by a core confidence in God’s mercy. As the way is forged for herself and her children, we are encouraged to watch her journey, lift her up when she falls and witness the grace of God through it all.

Life Beyond Cancer

Raise the bar on aesthetic outcomes after chemo…
after mastectomy…
after treatment induced hormonal changes…

that are equal to,
or greater than,
the before!