CALIEB© Supports Differing Quality of Life Needs

Each one of us is a unique individual with differing needs and objectives. This is especially true with women facing female cancers. These differences play an important role in the decisions women make as they work to retain their sense of self while navigating this difficult journey. Treatment options should recognize and meet those different needs.

Changing Patient Needs

  • Women are facing breast cancer at a younger age, bringing traditional surgical options to the forefront of concern
  • Many women have adopted the “no age is the new age” motto, and are equally concerned about the results of traditional surgical interventions, regardless of age
  • BRCA-positive patients are being identified at an increasing rate and are making difficult and life-changing prophylactic decisions and need optimal choices---this includes optimal mastectomies, laparoscopic hysterectomies and individualized HRT
  • Breast cancer treatments have become more successful with many resulting in a normal life span. This increases the need for optimal outcomes in mastectomies.
  • Women with high visual expectations, post cancer, are often categorized as “vain” when, for some, visual satisfaction is a stimulator for moving forward, thus representing “cure”

When excellence is the bar…. Nothing below it will do!